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Three Main Reasons to Build Your Own Boat

Building a boat is a challenge, even for the most accomplished woodworker or builder. If you have ever considered the possibility of building your boat, here are three very good reasons to follow through with the ideas.

Reason 1: Better Quality. You will get a better quality boat because you will follow through on the project with attention to detail. You will most likely use superior materials and take the time to ensure that everything is completed to a higher standard than a factory-made boat that is pumped out from an assembly line. You also have the option of putting in as much time as you require to complete your project. Factories or boat yards have schedules to keep, they cannot afford to spend too much time on a single project, and if they go over the time allotted, they are not making money on that project. This is another reason why they may cut corners or not do as good a job as you will in crafting your own boat.

Reason 2: Cost savings. If you have the storage space, you can save a lot of money purchasing your supplies in bulk. Check into ideas such as reclaimed timber, this can add up to huge cost savings. Buying a manufactured boat can cost a lot of money. You are paying for the cost of the materials used to build the boat and you are also paying the labor costs and the time it took to build that boat. If you build your own boat, there are no labor costs involved, just your own time. You should invest in a very good set of plans, no matter what the cost, do not cut corners on this aspect of your build. If you have bad plans, there is absolutely no way that you can create a good product.

Reason 3: Better Boat. You built it, so you know all of the histories of the boat. When you purchase a boat, not unlike a used car, you do not know all of the histories behind it. The seller may leave some important things out because they want to unload the boat. As you know, it is “buyer beware”, so you get stuck with a large hole in the water that you throw money into. Building your boat guarantees that you are not buying someone else’s problems and losing money because of it.

Start with a manageable project. This boat should be very simple and easy to complete. The worst thing you can do is to take on a complex project that you have no chance of finishing. Not only with this leave you frustrated, but you will also have spent a lot of money on materials that will now go to waste if you are not professional.


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